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Have a look at a few of the jobs we have done over the last few years. Get in touch if you'd like to chat about how your USP could be brought to life through clever animation or explainer videos.

GLS - Welcome

GLS have quite a complex offering, in that they are ground breaking digital law services in the in-house sector. People don't immediately get what they do. So we use broad concepts to introduce what they stand for - efficiency gains through legal tech.

GLS - Startup

There's a world of pain waiting for Startups. But GLS has all the tools available to help Startups win - so we devised this short animation to help explain this.

GLS - Welcome to The GLS Legal Operations Centre

The brief here was to distill the GLS offering into an animation that shows the current pain points, the GLS solution and the resulting immediate wins by plugging into the Legal Operations Centre. All of this in under a minute! Enjoy.

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