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We've been lucky enough to work with some brands right from the start. A lot of the time it seems to be with wine. 

Circus Wine

For this project, once we had decided on the name of the brand, we had to design a label that would elevate the ideals of the brand. Whilst at the same time giving it a sophisticated look and feel for a name that could have slipped into a frivolous positioning.

Circus Pics Edited.007.jpeg

JEFF Fitness

One of the wonders of the pandemic, JEFF arrived to save many people's sanity and health during this tough time. New Agency worked on the branding from concept development all the way to the roll out of brand stationery. See more HERE.


The Juice

We were tasked with developing a wine brand that would cut through the pretentiousness of some of the stuffier brands. It was to be positioned at the entry point of wines for new consumers to embrace with gusto. We needed something youthful, colourful and most importantly African. Our answer as The Juice. It has swagger in bucket loads and is currently making its way into bottle stores across the globe. See more on how we did this HERE.

WhatsApp Image 2023-11-09 at 12.56.31_23fa5298.jpg

Saga Vineyards

Sons of Sugarland and Patatsfontein are two amazing wine brands. Our job was to bring them under a new standalone identity so they could both share centre stage. We knew that these wines, and the ones which would surely also join them, all benefitted from having interesting stories in their genesis or generally in the skill of how thiey are made by great winemakers. There would always be something worth telling and we created 'Saga Vineyards' - the perfect place to do that. Click here to visit the website or here to see more of the work.

Saga Vineyards_Full Logo.png
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