Our People




John is the rock upon which the foundation is laid. He is switched on, organized, and somehow, inexplicably, manages to keep every ball in the air. Either the ocean paddling or his wife Amanda are to thank for that. After stints in London and Dubai, in publishing, marketing and advertising, he decided that Cape Town was the place to kick-start a new venture. A New venture, get it?




Our Copywriter and Creative Director doesn’t want to write his own bio, but has agreed to do so under duress. He is tempted to mention his family, golf and wine, but this is not the forum for that. Instead, he will mention the other things that give him great joy: a perfectly worded sentence and a happy client.  


We work with a collective of super talented Creatives. These are some of our favorites. 



Brad is a legend. We’ve collaborated for the last 5 years, in locations ranging from Robben Island to Paarden Island. He also works with a remarkable network of creative talent, so the final product has always seen only the best hands. Our relationship works mostly because Brad is much better at his job than we are. So we just let him get on with it. He’s fond of a Tumeric Latté, which believe it or not, is actually a thing.



Our resident moment capturer is originally from Argentina. The exceptionally talented wife of one of our partners, Sofi has worked all over the world, shooting portraits, fashion, product and events for clients from Bloomingdales to Harvey Nichols and Converse to Armani. A more impressive photographer we couldn’t hope to work with. But then we would say that, wouldn’t we. 



Berlise came recommended, and for good reason. She is a sparkling presence with a passion for design. Add to her design eye an affinity for all things indesign and the result is always a clean, fresh layout. And she’s not scared of a scripty font. Berlise’s ability to come up with new angles has allowed her to reinvent the wheel a few times over. Her smile is contagious and consistent.





Guy is our go-to digital... guy. Actually, he’s much more than that. He’s a Senior Designer with a lot of very helpful overseas client experience. In the rare case that a brief is short of information, Guy is special because he can hack it with intuitions and his exceptional design and coding one-two punch. A rare talent.



Andrea is our DTP resource. Which is agency lingo that means she’s all about designing artwork, especially items that require nuanced layout, like menus. In fact, she is unashamedly in love with layout. It floats her boat. Always on time and without fault, we love Andrea for knowing what she wants and not being precious when we ask her to re-do a whole design because the copy has changed completely. OK that’s enough love for Andrea.