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The name can be a bit confusing to newcomers. Are you working on art or just artworkin'? It's the latter i.e. the brand guidelines are set in stone and all you need us to do is design with sense and normally, pace!

A lot of brochure work needs some serious artworking. Our DTP team flex their muscles on paragraphs, kerning and learning.


We're experts at annual reports and design for some very important wealth managers. The numbers and the way all the information is laid out is of paramount importance. This is also an area where we use colour very carefully. Its great for graphs and visual explanations but one must stick to the palette or risk getting a very busy, off brand look.

Our menu work is a great example of creative design from the outset married with solid DTP. We know that you have to sell a lot of eggs benedict to justify a big budget for menu design. We get it, margins are tighter than a guinea fowl's hamstring.


So New Agency are experts at applying some logic and design sense to freshen up an existing brand and then roll it out for a cost effective mini re-brand. Like we did for The Lounge at Caesars Palace in Dubai. Check it out. 

Breakfast Menu 2.jpg
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