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Animating Legal Innovation: Our Journey with GLS

In our latest piece of animation work, we had the pleasure of working with our long-time client, Global Legal Solutions. We’ve spent many years working with them and believe in the transformative power of their product. GLS is revolutionizing in-house legal services by leveraging technology to boost team performance, challenging the traditional ways of working. The GLS team presents a disruptive version of law as we know it but with emphasis on accessibility and efficiency without sacrificing quality. New Agency can get behind that!

We work between South Africa (NEW) and Singapore/ Australia (GLS) in a refreshingly candid, honest and friendly manner. And I say candid as we have to be quite direct in our briefing to try and understand what levels of detail are needed in campaign execution given the nature of lawyers. You read correct – I did just add some 'stereotypical italics'. In many respects lawyers will be lawyers. What I mean is, our job is to balance and create the correct tension between:

a) the fact that trained legal professionals can (and even want) to deal with a lot more detail/ volume than the next man


b) people (including lawyers) attention is still limited – everyone has narrow  bandwidth in the fracas of daily digital living.

The culmination of our latest endeavor is an animation that encapsulates this dichotomy of attention span.

It distills in under a minute, the main offering of the company - The Legal Operations Centre (LOC). By connecting with the LOC, legal teams are empowered to operate with unprecedented efficiency, marking a significant leap forward in how legal services are delivered. It’s perfect plug 'n play for in-house legal. GLS's USP downloaded and delivered.

Sadly, I am fully aware I may have lost your non-lawyer attention by now. But if I still have you, get in touch to see what New Agency can narrate or animate for your brand story.

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